The END has come… 13 years and we loved every minute!



 13 years of supporting small food pantries,

but all good things sometimes end, and we must say goodbye to this adventure

180,000 servings of Turkey have been provided since November 2000

We send special thanks to all who have donated over the years. Over 180,000 servings of turkey have been served since November 2000. We were excited last year to announce that Orrin David Herterich got married and his new wife Kara is the love of his life. Together with their dog Dub, they are a busy little family. Kara will soon graduate from Respiratory Therapy school and become a Respiratory Therapist. Orrin is finishing up and will graduate from BYU Idaho in the near future.

We are grateful for your support these past 13 years as we coordinated with small food pantries and organizations in the Inland Empire that depend on the turkeys provided by us with donations from you.

We are sad to say we will no longer be providing Turkeys.  We have enjoyed this experience and the many people who have helped make it possible for families to have turkey at Thanksgiving. Orrin never imagined back in 2000 all the people who would believe in him and support him. With the busy life he has now, he is no longer able to keep this non profit going. He has tried to enlist help from others to serve on his board, but it seems everyone is busy.

It is a sad day to have to close this chapter in our lives. We are looking forward to new opportunities as we serve our community and others in other ways.

with heavy hearts, “THE THANKSGIVING FOR ALL TEAM”

Orrin and Kara have moved from California to Tennessee

THANKSGIVING FOR ALL  is no longer supplying turkeys to food pantries, as a non profit. We miss working with all the wonderful food pantries we have assisted in the past. The exciting newest information is that Orrin and Kara are beginning a new chapter in their lives.

They have moved to Tennessee where Kara, Orrin’s wonderful wife, has begun working as a Respiratory Therapist. Kara graduated the top of her class in February 2014. Orrin will graduate from Brigham Young University Idaho in December 2014. He has been working on completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Communications, participating in their online program. They are enjoying this new experience, but as the Thanksgiving season draws near they do miss the excitement of THANKSGIVING FOR ALL and helping  people.

Orrin got Married! Kara joins the family and the “THANKSGIVING FOR ALL” team

Thanks to Stater Bros. Markets for supporting us since the very Beginning!

Jack Brown, CEO Stater Bros. Markets requested a special private meeting with Orrin pledging increased support from Stater Bros. Markets in 2002. Orrin bought his first turkey from store #119 in Hemet with money he raised in one night of phone calls to friends and family


Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians helping since 2002!


Special Thanks to Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians

Pechanga Indian Reservation Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians has helped our organization for many years

Janelle Goodin joins THANKSGIVING FOR ALL as Jr. TEAM Leader

Hi my name is Janelle Goodin, I am seventeen years old. I first met Orrin when he was my Sunday school teacher a couple years ago.  I am grateful to Orrin for all he has done and for being Christ like, and loving for others. He wants to help others. I am impressed how amazing this organization is.

I know his life is very busy right now, because of him and what he has done; I want to take this opportunity to help our community and to help people. I want to help THANKSGIVING FOR ALL.  I want to help people because they help me in many ways. I especially want to help kids and kids with special needs.

l have lived in Murrieta my whole life. I am homeschooled.  I come from a large family. There are five kids in my family including me. My mom and dad adopted me; they have always been there for me throughout my life, and also my sisters and my brother.

I was born very premature.   I weighed one pound eight ounces.  I was very lucky to be born at the Loma Linda children’s hospital.  While I was there the doctors told my parents  that I would never be able to talk, walk , sit up , hold my head up or eat  and that I would also be blind and deaf.  After a lot of prayers and hard work and many months I was able to go home weighing four pounds. Later that year I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I am so thankful I am able to walk, talk, sit up, hear and see.  And most everything I need to do. But, I just do it in a different way. Because I have cerebral palsy I might not be able to get a job right away. There are a lot of goals I have made for myself. I would like to go to college. I want to be able to help others. I want to help this organization for a very long time, and as Jr. Team Member leader I can.

Thank you for giving me this chance to help, Janelle   

Thank You Morongo Band of Mission Indians

“Turkey Blessings”


November 2008 & 2009

After sending out a plea for help, Thanksgiving For All received a fantastic last minute donation from the “Morongo Band of Mission Indians.” Not only did we receive the original donation of turkeys the Tribe provided,  but additional turkeys as well! What a wonderful blessing. This donation will help so many who were otherwise not going to receive a turkey this year.

The 2007 Turkey Miracle

Just a few days before Thanksgiving, we got a phone call from Central County United Way. They told me to immediately contact Soboba Casino in San Jacinto. The Casino had a bunch of frozen turkeys and wanted to donate them. We rented a huge truck, loaded the turkeys and delivered them to VNW Circle of Care in Temecula. Circle of Care was in great need of turkeys that year. Their operation had no turkeys and was going to cancel their Thanksgiving Basket pass out. It was a miracle - a once in a lifetime thing. A Soboba Casino employee mentioned that this will probably not happen again.

Because of Soboba Casino’s generous donation to Thanksgiving For All, we were part of the miracle. VNW Circle of Care, serving nearly 800 families in the Inland Empire, was able to get everything else together and pass out Thanksgiving food baskets, complete with turkey!

Last Minute turkey donations

Turkey donations from Soboba Casino

Thank you

In 2009, we partnered with offered to donate one turkey for every ten people who signed up to follow on Twitter. People who wanted to spread the word, tweeted the following message:

Provide 500 turkeys 4 the hungry + win a Flip videocam! Simply follow @waze & RT this msg. #wazeSocialGPS donated 79 turkeys for the 2009 Thanksgiving season. Go to to get more info on their great free App, compatible with apple and droid. One of the top free navigational Apps since July 2010.